About Us

We Engineer Ease

SI-Restore® focuses on technology addressing the life-limiting pain associated with sacroiliac spinal disorders.

Through the use of patented technology in our minimally invasive SI-Restore Sacroiliac Joint Fixation System, we engineer simple solutions for optimum results. The SI-Restore system focuses on giving surgeons a better way to solve their patient’s SI joint pain to restore their quality of life.

Our Core Values remind us that being a part of the surgeon-patient relationship is as much a responsibility as it is a privilege.

Our values come from years of working alongside surgical teams in an operating room environment. It also comes from personal experiences dealing with physical pain, surgery, and recovery. The SI-Restore team saw the challenges surgeons encountered with many SI joint systems. We knew we were uniquely qualified and personally passionate enough to do something about it. 

We Know

Dedication to providing the best surgical experience
The need for excellence and simplicity
The value of working as a team

We Value

Being Responsive

Listen to the needs of the surgeon and other health care professionals.

Being Progressive

Pioneer medical devices that offer a definitive improvement over existing solutions.

Being Supportive

Provide exceptional product information, education, and support.

Being Principled

Set the gold standard for ethical and compliant behavior.
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