SI-Restore® Technique

SI-Restore’s medical team knew we could SIgnificantly improve the functionality and SImplicity of SI joint fusion.

SImplify – We Heard You!

SI-Restore Press-Lock Screwdriver

We have spent thousands of hours in operating rooms and have experienced surgeons, surgical technicians, and nurses struggle with device systems. Many systems can be over-complicated and over-engineered by those who may not fully recognize the OR environment’s inherent challenges. We at SI-Restore knew we were hands down uniquely positioned to provide for the hands that matter most!

The Lock Screw head perfectly mates with the screwdriver locking mechanism with a simple toggle of the LOCK/UNLOCK button, all without fear of cross-threading or dropping the screw.

Screwdriver easily attaches to the screw while in the screw caddy, providing security passing from surgical tech to surgeon, for final screw placement. If needed, the screwdriver is an all-in-one driver and can be used for removal.

Easy Toggle LOCK Attachment

Easy Lift Out of Screw Caddy

Secure Attachment

One Comprehensive Tray
SI-Restore is designed for the hands of the surgical team. Patented and patent-pending implants and instruments provide safety, security, and efficiency allowing for the best possible surgical outcome – hands down.

Join us in Austin, Texas for a private on-site
SI-Restore cadaver lab training.

Inlet View

Anterior View

Lateral View

Packing additional bone graft material after final screw placement can provide yet another option to maximize bone healing.
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